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πŸ”₯ Definetly a very strong community and team here, considering they won the 1vs1 community battle poll also!


πŸ” Chicken Inu is adopted and in partnership with a real-life business, Shiba Wings, a crypto themed restaurant located in Australia that just opened.

Even Shytoshi, Shiba Inu’s founder, tweeted about the opening ceremony of the restaurant as the biggest example of Decentralization.

They are currently working on more real-life business partnerships, next one located in Dubai!

πŸ” Chicken Inu will also be showcased in Shibarium’s spring class of 2023.

Besides, additional usecases to provide token burns are also in the making:

β€’ P2E game developed by Incinerator Labs.
β€’ Professional Chicken Inu NFTs

πŸ” Chicken Inu is already listed on Tier-2 CEX (Finebox) and they got more listings coming.

Massively undervalued project in my opinion, I can see Chicken Inu getting really bullish with all the upcoming stuff soon.

Also, as promised I will help the team personally with the project whenever they need something.

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